Some Organizations


Giving gifts towards sustainability and self-reliance.

Heifer International


Kiwanis International I particularly like this service organization because so many of its members are practical and caring and realize the impacts that money has and how money really works.
This organization focuses on developing the financing and banking for development and self determination. FINCA International

The World Wildlife Fund

The Nature Conservancy

To me, so many environmental efforts are squandered or at least greatly diminished by lack of accuracy, lack of reality and their lack of true traceability to clearly stated basic principles.

Yet I think it is incredibly important we all learn to live much better with each other and with our planet's ecosystem.  So I still try to support the sorts of efforts I find the most defensible, intelligent and effective.

I also try to constantly point out to each environmental organization how they frequently overstate what they contribute while ignoring what others are doing. 


If you are as unimpressed as I am with the ability of our "great regulators" to regulate themselves you should check out.

Common Cause

  I haven't found any good connections relating to overpopulation.  Personally, I consider overpopulation to be one of the main sources of our problems on Earth.